Facebook Hack: How to Hack Facebook

A simple Google search is all it takes to realize how interested people can be in others’ lives. The online marketplace is full of tools and software claiming to be the best Facebook hack online solutions. Guess secretly peeping into someone else’s life seems like a bit of a thrill.

Although hacking into someone else’s FB account is technically illegal, if you are trying to get into your child’s or spouse’s account to find out why they’ve been acting aloof or where they spend most of their time away from you, your reasons are totally justified.

While that is true, with the plethora of Facebook hacking software available online, how do you pick a product that actually works and is also truly safe? The answer to that is – by comparing features, prices, and user reviews.

If you’ve been looking for the best Facebook hacker app online, we’ve got just the solution for you. And we’re revealing it in this post, so stay tuned!

Part 1: How to hack Facebook online

Currently, the most reliable and efficient answer to the “how to hack Facebook” riddle is a brilliant phone spy app called Spyier. This app not only lets you hack into someone else’s FB account, but also allows you to monitor all activities on their phone remotely.

Having gained the trust of millions of users worldwide, Spyier has created quite a fan following. People in over 190 countries use this product to get the answers they’ve been looking for. What’s more, corporate giants like Forbes, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and more hail Spyier’s capabilities as the best phone spy app.


With Spyier by your side, you can check the target phone’s call history, contacts, photos, GPS location and much more.

And the best part is that you don’t need to install anything on your own phone to conduct the monitoring.

You can view the data of the target phone through a web-based dashboard to which you can log in using any web-browser (desktop or mobile).


There are several advantages to using Spyier:

  • It works equally well on Android as well as iOS devices. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device to work with Spyier.
  • For Spyier’s Android solution to work, you need to install it on the target phone which takes less than 5-minutes. An easy-to-understand Setup Wizard guides you through the installation and once installed, the app icon can be hidden so the person being spied on doesn’t have a clue. The best part of Spyier’s Android solution is that the app is extremely lightweight. It occupies less than 3M of space and doesn’t drain any battery of the target phone which makes it incredibly difficult to be spotted. It runs in the background and doesn’t need any intervention from your end proving true to its stealth mode feature.
  • Spyier’s iOS version is just as ingenious. It doesn’t need any installation anywhere. All you need are the target phone’s iCloud credentials for it to set up and then it works completely remotely in stealth mode.
  • Spyier doesn’t save any of the target phone’s data on its servers, so information stealing is out of the question. You don’t have to worry about your target’s personal data being exposed
  • The app is extremely easy to work with and it is way more reasonably priced than other similar apps out there

How to hack Facebook messages using Spyier:

Here are the steps using which you can hack Facebook messages online using Spyier:

Step 1: Sign up with Spyier. Create a free account, select a subscription and purchase the app’s license.


Step 2: Now you’ll see a Setup Wizard. Allow it to guide you rest of the way. At first, it will ask you to select the OS of the phone you wish to hack into. Select Android here.


Step 3: From this point on, follow all instructions the Setup Wizard presents to you. It will let you know how to give Spyier the required permissions to work correctly. As already mentioned, once installed, you can hide Spyier from the list of applications so that it becomes impossible to detect. The wizard will guide to how to do it as well.

You can find the detailed setup instructions here.

Step 4: Once all the above steps have been completed successfully, you will see the finish installation screen and this is an indication that you’re good to go.


Now you may log in to your Spyier dashboard using ANY web-browser and secretly snoop into the target phone’s Facebook details using the keylogger feature.


Undoubtedly, Spyier is the most effective phone spy app out there which presents the easiest online Facebook hacking tool currently available. To experience the software’s working first-hand, check out its live demo which is free and accessible to all.

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Part 2: How to hack someone’s Facebook – an alternate solution

If for some reason you’re unable to use Spyier to hack someone’s Facebook password or you wish to opt for another application, Cocospy makes for a worthy alternative. Inculcating features similar to Spyier, Cocospy works well with both Android and iOS devices.

The app doesn’t need administrator permissions to work so you don’t have to root or jailbreak the target device. It conducts phone monitoring remotely and in stealth mode so the chances of getting caught are none. Also, all benefits of Spyier like a virus-free app and intuitive interface come with Cocospy as well.

If you’re looking for an app that can grant you superior parental control capabilities, Cocospy is the wisest choice since it comes with an additional geo-fencing feature. With this capability, you can set up no-go zones for your children which if breached will automatically send notifications to you so that you can intervene.

Like Spyier, before purchasing Cocospy, you can work with its free live demo to take a call. The demo doesn’t need you to sign up or give your credit information so it’s absolutely risk-free.

Part 3: How to hack into someone’s Facebook

If you currently don’t need a phone spy app but only a Facebook Messenger hack online, you might want to consider HyperCracker. With an increasing number of people wanting to snoop into someone else’s FB account, expert coders and hackers from around the globe have come together to devise this tool for people who need to hack FB for free.

Although the process this tool follows is a bit lengthy, as a user, you won’t experience much hassle while using it. The tool claims that none of your personal information is stolen when you use it and it is actually very simple to use.

However, we would still suggest that before using any of these Facebook password crackers, do read up their reviews. Any tool that offers a free live demo is an additional plus.

Concluding Lines

Regardless of why you would want to hack into someone’s Facebook account, doing it discreetly is of utmost importance since otherwise, you may end up facing legal charges. Applications like Spyier and Cocospy can offer superior Facebook hack online capabilities without raising any red flags.

So the next time your child or partner appears to be engaging in suspicious activities, rope in a phone spy app and catch a glimpse of all that they’ve been up to using their Smartphone.

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