TeenSafe Review

The way things can turn ugly after a single wrong use of the mobile phone is nothing but horror. This is why we just don’t let our loved ones, especially minors, use a mobile phone without any monitoring. 

This is where a remote phone monitoring or soy app comes into the picture. With a whole bunch of features, these apps will help you monitor other phones without the target device. 

The growing demand for phone monitoring apps has made the market an over-crowded place. Now, we have ample options. Choosing the right one is a difficult job. However, an honest and comprehensively crafted review makes the process easy. 

This article gives you a detailed and reliable review of one famed remote phone monitoring app – TeenSafe. Read it knows whether or not it’s trustworthy and to what extent it fulfills the claims. 

TeenSafe – An Overview 

Teensafe is an online phone monitoring app that can be used to track the activities happening on a targeted device remotely. You don’t have to remain in close proximity to the target device to accomplish the task.

The app has earned a well-known status in the phone spying app industry soon after its launch. The reason being so is its ability to capture real-time data while keeping the end user’s identity a super-secret. 

What are the features of TeenSafe? 

TeenSafe is a feature-packed solution and we all know that. But, what are those features? This part of the article throws light on some of its major features:

Call History Monitory

Using this feature, the end-user can keep tabs on all kinds of call activities on the targeted app. For instance, to whom and at what time the call was made. You can also learn about the time duration of the calls. 

SMS and Text Message Spy 

Find out what text was typed and shared with whom.  Data like the typed text on social media accounts and in email can also be monitored. 

Live Phone Location 

TeenSafe is able to keep tabs on the live phone location of the target device without even getting near to it.  GPS and Wi-FI based location details can be captured. You can also geo-fence the device. An alert will be sent to you once the target crosses the fencing. 

Social Media Account Monitoring

Knowing the usage of various kinds of social media platforms is possible using TeenSafe. It can help you find out details as posts shared on account, friends or follower lists, and personal chats. 

Web-browsing Spy 

This feature will help you monitor internet usage without letting anyone know. It fetches the details like downloaded and uploaded content on the internet, website visited, etc. 

App Spying

Worried whether or not your dear ones are using a malicious date stealing app? Put an end to all these worries as TeenSafe will help you find out what all apps are downloaded on the targeted phone and how one is using them. 


TeenSafe offers you a very impressive keylogger that can record every keystroke movement on the targeted device. Using this feature, you can find out the passwords of many accounts that the end-user is accessing using the targeted device. 

It’s so powerful that you can retrieve the deleted text as well. 

Is it trustworthy? 

When we accessed the performance of TeenSafe and used it personally, we were able to get hold of real-time data. No matter how extensively the target is using the phone, TeenSafe was able to capture the activities. 

The timestamps on every entry made the things further clearer. We did compare the timestamps with actual phone usage. Gladly, no glitches were noticed. Hence, we can say that you can trust it without any qualms. 

Will you get caught? 

One of the biggest nightmares of someone who is spying on others is to get caught in the act. This thought never let anyone have a good night’s sleep.  TeenSafe has made great efforts to reduce this fear. 

Its Android solution comes with stealth mode. This mode hides the presence of the app on the targeted phone and helps it run/work stealthily. Though the app will remain functional, its presence can’t be identified. 

Another way via which it secures the identity of the end-user is its 100% web-based interface which is available in its iOS solution.  You don’t need to access the targeted device to bring it into action. 

Also, it works without any downloading/installation. So, the target will never be able to learn that its iPhone is under 24/7 surveillance. 

Can anyone use it? 

TeenSafe is a stand-alone solution that doesn’t require the support of any further hardware/software. Whatever it takes for reliable phone monitoring is available in it. Also, its user-interface and set-up process is not a tricky one. 

You don’t need any special skills or expertise to bring them into action. Then there is a live demo for both the iOS and Android versions.  All these points made us conclude that TeenSafe can be used by any novice without any worries. 

Spying on someone was considered as infringing someone’s privacy. But, it was the scenario a decade prior.  Seeing the surging number of unlawful usage of mobile phones, many states allowed phone monitoring and spying. So, you can use TeenSafe. 

However, it is advisable to refer to local laws before using it as each state law has a different take on it. 

Is there any customer support system? 

Though using TeenSafe is easier than you can ever think, you may need expert assistance at any point in time.  This is why TeenSafe has developed a very responsive customer support team. You can connect with them around-the-clock. 

The online chat feature is just a click away on its website. 

The Final verdict 

TeenSafe is a feature-rich app that one can use to find out what’s happening on someone else’s phone. Without asking a long list of prerequisites, it offers its help. Many users at the global level have already availed its services and find it quite useful.