10 Best WhatsApp Hacking Apps for Android and iPhone

Hacking someone’s WhatsApp is not something that you do out of the fun. If you have a child or a partner, you must know how there can be times when one would desperately wish to find a WhatsApp hacking solution.

However, a simple search on the internet is a sheer waste of time. There are innumerous search results that pop up for a single query. Further, most of the apps that claim to hack WhatsApp just end up stealing your time, money, or both.

Therefore, the need of the hour is a WhatsApp hacking solution that actually works. At the same time, the solution shouldn’t require you to put in countless man-hours trying to figure out how it works.

Finding an app that stands true on all these criteria can be a tough job. Therefore, I thought why not cut your work short by doing all the research for you myself.

I spent a few days (with some all nighters) researching about the best WhatsApp hacking apps you can find on the internet. The end result is this list which has the top 10 hacking apps for Android phones and iPhones which will give you the WhatsApp data of any phone as if its a child’s play.

You will also learn about which WhatsApp spy app you should use at the end of this article. Therefore, make sure you read it till the end.

Top 10 WhatsApp Hacking Apps

These best WhatsApp hacking apps are listed starting from the best, so you know the order in which you should use them:

Part 1: Spyier

Spyier is the holy grail of WhatsApp hacking applications. It is the best WhatsApp spy I have found and I have even started comparing every other WhatsApp spy app against Spyier.


Spyier works for getting the WhatsApp data of both- Android phones and iPhones. In fact, it can get you the WhatsApp messages of any phone even if you are in a whole different corner of the world.

And the good part is that Spyier accomplishes all of this without even getting you caught reading someone’s WhatsApp messages. Therefore, you no longer have to sneak around trying to get access to the other person’s phone and know what they are doing on WhatsApp.

Things That Make Spyier the Best WhatsApp Spy

There are a lot of things that make Spyier rank way above any other WhatsApp hacking application. If I started telling you about each of them, you wouldn’t even want to read about any other WhatsApp spy app. Therefore, I will tell you my favorite cool things about Spyier:

No Root or Jailbreak

Unlike 95% of the WhatsApp spying applications,  Spyier doesn’t ask you to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to work. If you are aware of what rooting or jailbreaking is, you will be relieved that Spyier can work without needing any of it.

Web Based Interface

You won’t have to download Spyier in your phone or PC in order to use it. You can use Spyier through its web dashboard that opens in any web browser you use. This makes sure you can see the WhatsApp chats of the other person from any device without installing an app.


Data Security

Spyier does not store any data on its servers to make sure that your privacy is intact. Everything you view is available on your browser window only. Even Spyier’s own employees cannot view it.

No Technical Knowledge Needed

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge in order to use Spyier. You won’t be needing those hefty lines of programming as you see in those spy movies, with numbers and codes flashing on the screen. You already know all that is needed in order to use Spyier.

Even this preview is well enough to prove how good Spyier is. And if I don’t make my case here, Spyier’s free web demo definitely will. You won’t have to download any app or even sign up in order to use its demo. It will run on your web browser instantly.

Hidden WhatsApp Hacking- Never Get Caught Spying WhatsApp

When you are using Spyier, Spyier makes sure to keep you safe and hidden. Spyier WhatsApp hacker works in secret and you never get caught using it. This is because of the special design of Spyier, which is different for both Android phones and iPhones.

When it comes to hacking a WhatsApp account on an iPhone, you don’t have to access the target even once in order to read their WhatsApp messages. This is because all iPhones are by default equipped with the iCloud feature.

Therefore, all the data of an iPhone automatically gets synced to the iCloud servers. Spyier utilizes this data to extract valuable information about the other user, like their WhatsApp messages.

All you will need is to find out the ICloud credentials of the other person and verify them with Spyier. Spyier will do the rest of the job and get you their private WhatsApp data (and so much else).


When it comes to hacking a WhatsApp account on an Android phone, you will need to access the target Android phone at least once in order to read their WhatsApp messages. This is because of the unique design of Android phones.

Even if you use any other WhatsApp spy app other than Spyier, you will need to access the target Android phone at least once and install the spy app on the phone. However, Spyier for Android makes sure of your stealth and safety even then.

To begin with, Spyier’s app size for Android phones is less than 2 MB. This means that the app will install within seconds. Once the app is installed, the app icon will vanish from the app menu of the other person’s Android phone. Only you can open the app with a secret code.

The app runs in the background without triggering any notifications. It won’t even drain any battery at all.

And if you ever feel that you need to uninstall the application, you won’t have to access the phone in order to uninstall it. You can do it remotely from your Spyier dashboard that will open on any web browser of your choice.

**When it comes to hacking an Android phone in any way, it is mandatory to install an app on the target phone whether you use Spyier or any other hacking app. Android phones cannot be hacked without one time access to install the spy app. If any app claims to do otherwise, that app is trying to scam you and you should be careful about using it.**

As is quite evident, it is hard to find so many features in such a stealthy application. If you are impressed by Spyier already, you can sign up for Spyier here.

Part 2: Spyic

If Spyier won’t do the job for you, Spyic definitely will. It can give you the WhatsApp messages of any phone within a matter of a few minutes.

Spyic is a feature-loaded Android and iPhone spying application. It has more than 35 features that can get you every bit of the data on the other phone, including their WhatsApp messages.


Just as Spyier, Spyic does not require you to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to work. Further, it doesn’t require any software installation on your end as well. And you can use it to hack WhatsApp by phone number.

Why Spyic Ranks in The Top Picks?

Spyic is a very good WhatsApp spy app. However, there are a lot of things that give it the second spot in this list:

User-Oriented Interface

Spyic’s dashboard is designed for the complete convenience of the user. All the features are neatly arranged as single click tabs on the left hand side. You won’t have to spend hours trying to find a feature or how it works.

User Support

Spyic is a reputed brand which has never failed to keep the faith of its users. This is why Spyic provides 24×7 user support service. Whenever you face any issue, Spyic’s team members are always ready to assist.


The price of Spyic is a very sweet factor that makes it hard to not use Spyic. At first, it can be hard to believe that so many features would be available in a single application. And when you find out that all this is available for so cheap, it makes using Spyic just perfect.

There are a lot of other good things about Spyic that you shouldn’t miss reading. You can try out Spyic’s free demo and know what all Spyic can do.

Part 3: Cocospy

Cocospy is the most widely used phone monitoring solution in the world that can easily hack someone’s WhatsApp account. It is used by millions of people in over 190 countries.

In fact, Cocospy is so good that I have even seen its reviews in the biggest media outlets out there, like Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc. And all these reviews talk very highly of it.

With Cocospy, you can not just get the WhatsApp data of the other person but even their Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media messages.

Further, all this comes at a price point that is cheaper than any other app on this list. You can get it for a fraction that you would be paying for any other WhatsApp spy application.

Justifying its place as one of the best WhatsApp hacking apps, Cocospy offers you a free demo to check out the same in action.

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Part 4: Minspy

Minspy box its first glance,  might seem like an average phone monitoring solution with suspicious looks. However, it is quite workable when it comes to hacking a WhatsApp account of a person.

Minspy can work for spying on Android and iPhone messages. Further, it does not need you to root or jailbreak the target phone in order to work. However, the additional features you get along with WhatsApp messenger aren’t that many.

Further, the interface is a bit lacking and you might encounter a few bugs here and there while using Minspy. Other than that, Minspy is a decent WhatsApp spy that doesn’t give you much trouble.

Part 5: Spyzie

Spyzie is a cell phone spying app that you can use to track someone’s WhatsApp messages. While the primary function of Spyzie is to keep an eye on the other person’s location, its WhatsApp message spy isn’t that bad.

In fact, Spyzie is a good choice as compared to many other WhatsApp spying apps which do not even work. Spyzie has an easy to use interface which wouldn’t give you any trouble.

The sour point of Spyzie is that its stealth mode isn’t that much about the stealth. Therefore, when you are using Spyzie, you should be prepared for the chance that you might be exposed spying on a WhatsApp account.

Further, Spyzie has a one time fee plan rather than a subscription model. This means that you shouldn’t expect timely updates or good support from their team. If your phone version becomes obsolete, there is nothing you can do about it.

Part 6: Spyine

Being a popular phone monitoring solution at one time, Spyine box had a big user base due to its good performance. However, times have changed since then and better phone hacking apps have taken its space as the leader.

However, it still plays a prominent role in the phone hacking sector and can be a good fit if you are looking for an app to hack WhatsApp messages.

It lacks in some prominent features that you will find in the top picks of our list. This is because Spyine has failed to evolve with time and hasn’t improved its interface or offerings.

On the pricing front, Spyine is not that good either. You should be ready to shell out more for Spyine as compared to other apps with more features that are available for a better price.

Yet, since we are counting the best WhatsApp spy apps on the internet, Spyine does deserve a spot on this list.

Part 7: iKeymonitor

Contrary to its name, iKeymonitor is a WhatsApp hacking app for both Android phones and iPhones. It is designed to be a parental control application, giving parents access to the child’s phone data.

Given that its primary function is for parents to spy on their children, iKeymonitor has a minimalistic design with nothing much to offer. It lacks vastly on the features front, with few good things like the WhatsApp monitor and the location tracker.

Further, the app doesn’t have a good user support team. Therefore, if you don’t know much about technology and how to use it, you should not go for this one.

On the pricing front, iKeymonitor ranks on the higher side of the scale. You can get Spyier’s awesome phone monitoring solutions for many times less.

Part 8: Appmia

Appmia is a high end phone hacking solution that can be used to hack the WhatsApp messages of Android phones and iPhones.

While Appmia comes with a lot of features, there is a big catch to using it.  Appmia’s WhatsApp spy works only if we root or jailbreak the target phone only.

This is a major disadvantage as when we are considering hacking someone’s WhatsApp account, we cannot obviously jailbreak or root their phone. This not only compromises the security of the device but it also gets you caught in the act of hacking.

Part 9: Spybubble

Spybubble is also called Prospybubble by many of its reviewers. It is a good hacking application to get the messages of a WhatsApp account remotely.

It is a web application like our top picks and it won’t ask you to download any app on your own system. Just like any other spy app, you need to download Spybubble on the target phone if it is Android. In case of iOS phones, Spybubble can hack them remotely.

There are a couple of other good features that you get in Spybubble besides their WhatsApp spy. While Spybubble boasts about a lot of these features, I suggest that only a handful of these are good and worth using.

On the pricing front, Spybubble can be an affordable option if you are tracking the smartphones of four to five people. This is because of its family subscription plan.

If you just want to track the messages of your spouse or your child, I suggest you go with our top three picks instead.

Part 10: Fonemonitor

Fonemonitor is a little cluttered WhatsApp hacking app that you can use if the other members on this list don’t work out for you.

It doesn’t take long to get the WhatsApp messages of a person. However, at times it can be less reliable and the process fails completely due to bugs. Therefore, you should count yourself lucky if this app is working out well for you.

One the pricing front, Fonemonitor’s pricing plans are poorly designed and I guess it still has a long way to go to provide a good solution to its users.

However, Fonemonitor is still a better choice than several other apps that didn’t even make this list.

Which App To Use When Hacking Someone’s WhatsApp?

Of course, you cannot use ten apps at the same time. You cannot also try them one by one as many of these apps do not offer an online demo. Therefore, your money will be wasted if you go for the hit and trial.

What I suggest is evaluating your choices and thinking about what would be the perfect fit for you. An app that works without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone is a must for obvious reasons.

The important parameters that remain are- features, pricing, and stealth mode. These parameters vary greatly from app to app.

In my personal opinion (and the opinion of millions of other users), Spyier has turned out to be the best WhatsApp hacking solution. It has no bugs at all, there are timely updates, and there is no chance that it will fail to get you the WhatsApp messages of the other user.

Therefore, think about what you need, evaluate, and make a careful decision.


Now you know all about the best WhatsApp hacking apps that SURELY work, the choice of app you wish to use remains up to you. Rest assured, you will always find the information mentioned here helpful.

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