10 Best Cell Phone Tracker to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

Cell phone trackers can be indispensable:

  • If you’re a parent, you can keep an eye on your child via a GPS mobile tracker.
  • As an employer, you can make sure your employees don’t leave the workspace during work hours with a GPS location tracker.
  • If you want to look out for your loved ones when they’re traveling, you can track their movements on a map.
  • Have you misplaced your phone? You can use a lost phone tracker to recover it.

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Do you need a dependable, go-to cell phone tracker that can track a cell phone location for free? We’ve included what we think are the best cell phone trackers out there on this list. Note that some of the options are paid (the best isn’t cheap).

Without further ado, here are the 10 best cell phone trackers on the market:

Part 1: How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

The best GPS mobile tracker we’ve found to date is Spyier. This is a well-known spy app for Android and iOS.


What’s so special about this app? It allows you to track someone’s location without them knowing from any web browser! That means you’ll be able to monitor anyone’s movements without being found out. Read part 1.2 for details.

Spyier makes it to the top of our list because it has a good reputation, it’s reliable, and packs in powerful features. Major platforms such as TheVerge, PC World, The Next Web, and TechRadar have featured the app in the past.

1.1 Spyier: The Best Phone Tracker App With Powerful Features

 What sort of location tracking features do you get with Spyier? The app allows you to track someone’s location in real-time:

  • Track location in real-time: You can view someone’s present location on an interactive map. You can check details like the house number, street number, neighborhood, and city.
  • See location history: Spyier keeps track of someone’s movements over a prolonged period of time. Recently visited locations will be pinned on the virtual map if you want to zoom in and explore them.
  • View time and date stamps: Every location pin or log will be marked with a time and date. That way, you can figure out when the phone owner visited a particular location.
  • Check coordinates: Spyier also provides someone’s geographical coordinates. This is useful if you want to pinpoint someone’s location.
  • Google Maps view: Finally, the app integrates Google Maps. You can open the location in Google Maps and see places of interest nearby. More importantly, you can use Street View to get an up-close look at the target.


You also have the ability to set up a virtual geofence. What’s a geofence? It’s a marked perimeter on a map. If someone enters the zone or leaves it, you get a notification.


1.2 Why Spyier is a Super-Covert Phone Location Tracker

As we mentioned before, Spyier allows you to track a cell phone’s location covertly. You can use the app remotely from your web browser, without the phone owner ever knowing. Why is it secret exactly, though?

Spyier for iOS is a web-based app. It works via your web browser, without you having to download any software on the target phone. Instead of working with the iPhone directly, Spyier works with the iCloud backup.

As there is no software and Spyier doesn’t work with the iPhone directly, it can’t be detected!

Spyier for Android is a small 2MB app. It’s lightweight and doesn’t leave much of a trace. After you install the app on the target phone, you can hide it. Once hidden, Spyier runs in the background without draining the phone’s battery.

The Android version of Spyier is tiny, hidden, and works in the background, which makes it impossible to detect!

**Beware: You can’t track an Android phone without installing software on it first. If you find an app or a service that can supposedly track an Android phone without software, it’s a scam or a phishing attempt. Steer clear!**

1.3 How to Secretly Track Someone’s Phone

How do you track someone’s phone secretly with Spyier? It’s easy. You just need to install the app, which takes a few minutes. You don’t need any advanced technical skills. Just use your computer or smartphone to install the app:

Step 1: To use Spyier to track a cell phone location, you need a monthly subscription to the app. You can purchase one on the pricing page. The Premium plan allows you to track a single device for a month’s time. 

After you choose a plan and click “Buy Now”, you will be asked to enter your email ID. This becomes your username and also gets linked to your account. Follow the rest of the purchase instructions. 

Step 2: After you’ve paid, you will be taken to the confirmation page. This is where you receive your unique password. It’s generated randomly by the server and is only viewable by you. You can choose to change it later if you wish. 

The Spyier team will also send you an email with your login information. This includes your username and password and some additional details about the app. Read the Android installation guide if you need clarifications about the installation process. 

If you are ready to move forward, click on “Start Monitoring”. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: First, choose iOS or Android as the target platform. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

To install Spyier on an iPhone or iPad, enter the iCloud credentials of the linked account. Then wait for Spyier to sync with the device.


If you want to install Spyier on an Android smartphone or tablet, download and install a 2MB app on the target device. You can hide the app after you install it. Give the app a few minutes to sync with the phone.


Step 4: Congratulations! Spyier is now installed. You can access Spyier’s dashboard from your PC or smartphone. The dashboard gives you an overview of what’s happening on the target device. To track the phone’s location, go to the “Locations” option in the selection menu.


Want to try the PGS phone tracker feature for yourself before you buy the app? Here’s the Spyier free live demo here!

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Part 2: How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with the Number of the Cell Phone

The second GPS location tracker we have for you is Spyic. This is a popular phone monitoring app with parents, employers, and people in relationships. It offers top-of-the-line features for Android and iOS devices, including location tracking.

You can use Spyic to track an Android device from your web browser, provided you install an app on it first. For iOS devices, Spyic is a fully remote app.

  1. Spyic – With 3D Street View

What sort of location-tracking features do you get with Spyic? Here’s an overview:

  • You can track someone’s current as well as past locations on a map.
  • The app offers a location log that offers useful location-related details such as geographical coordinates, addresses, and more.
  • Via 3D street view, you can take an up-close look of all the places the phone has been to.
  • The app also offers a geofence feature that notifies you if someone enters a marked zone or leaves it.
  1. The app is trustworthy and genuine

Spyic is number 2 on the list not only because it offers excellent location tracking features, but also because it’s trustworthy. The app has been around for a long time and has an established presence. It safeguards your privacy and is reliable.

  1. You can use Spyic risk-free

Finally, Spyic is a discreet location tracker. You’ll be able to track both Android and iOS devices remotely from your web browser without the owners finding out. The Android version is a hidden app that runs in the background, while the iOS version is web-based and undetectable.

Part 3: How to Track Someone’s Phone

The third solution we have for you is Fami360. As the name suggests, this is a parental control app that allows you to monitor your children’s smartphones or tablets. The app is used by parents worldwide and has a solid reputation.

  1. Fami360 is a convenient location tracker for parents

If your child is always out and about and you’re worried about their safety, you can use Fami360’s convenient location tracking features:

  • You can track your child’s movements with the GPS-based location tracker.
  • Check your child’s past movements with the location history log.
  • Create forbidden zones for your child on a virtual map and get notified if your child crosses into these zones.

Fami360 will keep an eye on your kids when you can’t. If they’re skipping school or hanging out where they shouldn’t be, you’ll know.

  1. It’s simple to use

Fami360 was designed to be simple to use, for parents with minimum technical skills. You can set the app up with just your PC or smartphone. The installation instructions are clearly explained and easy to follow. Lastly, you won’t have to root or jailbreak!

  1. It offers extra parental control features

Fami360 is a full-fledged parental control app. As a result, it offers much more than simple location tracking. You can read your child’s messages, track their browser history, block installed apps, monitor their social media, and much more!

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Part 4: How to Secretly Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

The fourth solution we have for you is Cocospy. This is a phone spy app that allows you to spy on someone’s location in secret. The app is used globally, mainly by people in relationships looking to keep tabs on their cheating partners.

Use Cocospy if you want to track an Android or iOS device in secret. It’s compatible with all the latest OS versions.

  1. Cocospy is impossible to detect

One of the biggest advantages of Cocospy is that the app is impossible to detect. The iOS version of Cocospy works online via the internet. Instead of working with the phone directly, it instead extracts the iCloud backup. As there’s no physical presence, Cocospy is 100% discreet.

The Android version is a small, hidden app. It works in the background without consuming much system resources. Because it’s small and hidden, you can use it without being found out.

  1. The app works without root or jailbreak

With many discreet location-tracking apps, you have to first root or jailbreak the target device. Cocospy is a cutting-edge app, though. It can track an Android or iOS smartphone without you needing to root or jailbreak it first!

  1. Cocospy offers excellent GPS and SIM card monitoring

Cocospy offers excellent GPS as well as SIM card monitoring features:

  • You can track a phone’s location via the in-built GPS.
  • You can check the device’s location history and access the 3D street view.
  • With the SIM card monitoring, you can check the network-based location of the device.
  • You’ll also be notified if the SIM card is changed.

Cocospy is discreet, powerful, and easy-to-set up. It’s why the app makes it to number 4 on our list.

Part 5: How to Track a Cell Phone for Free (For Android) Using “Android Device Manager”

Google offers a free location tracking service for cell phones called “Android Device Manager”, but the name has recently changed to “Google Find My Device”. It’s enabled by default on Android smartphones and tablets.

Note that you need access to the linked Google account of the device to be able to track the cell phone. Also note that the device user will know you’re tracking them, which means this isn’t for everyone.

5.1 How to Track a Cell Phone via the Android Device Manager

Follow these steps to track a cell phone with Google’s Android Device Manager:

Step 1: Turn on Google’s location services. These are enabled by default. If they aren’t on your device, they’ll have to be turned on. Go to Settings > Google > Location.


Step 2: Afterward, log in to the Google account from your web browser. Next, visit the official Android Device Manager – Find My Device webpage.

Step 3: This brings up a map with the last-known location of the target device. The various devices linked to the account are at the top.


Google’s Find My Device makes for a great lost phone tracker. You can lock the device remotely if you have to or even erase it.

There are some drawbacks to using this service you should be aware of:

  • Google’s Find My Device isn’t stealthy. The target will be notified when their phone is being tracked.
  • You need access to the target device’s Google account, which is tough.

An app like Spyic is discreet and more accessible.

Part 6: How to Find My Phone Location by Number (For iOS)

The sixth cell phone tracker we have for you is Apple’s Find My iPhone. Like Google, Apple also offers a free, in-built way to track a target iPhone or iPad.

Again, this isn’t the most discreet method. It’s why we’ve featured it lower down on our list at number 6.

6.1 How to Track a Cell Phone for Free with Find My by Apple

Here are the steps to follow to track your iPhone or Android by using the Find My service:

Step 1: Make sure the “Find My iPhone” option is enabled. If it isn’t, go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and enable it.


Step 2: Log in to the linked iCloud account on www.icloud.com. You can do this from any web browser. On this screen, click on the “Find My iPhone” option and then “All Devices”. In the drop-down list, choose the iPhone you’re tracking.


Step 3: That’s it! A map with the device’s last-seen location will appear.


There are some major drawbacks to this method:

  • It’s not discreet. The target may be notified you’re tracking them.
  • You may need to use a trusted device to access the iCloud account.

This method works and is easy enough to access. But if you want to track someone’s location on the sly, you should opt for a phone tracking app.

Part 7: How to Locate a Cell Phone Position Free Online

The 7th solution we have for you is called Phone location. This is an online location-tracking service. Note that online location trackers are generally not a reliable way to track a cell phone for free. They also don’t give you a device’s location in real-time.


Here are the highlights of the Phone location service:

  • You can track any cell phone around the planet remotely.
  • All you need is the device’s phone number.

7.1 Phone location is slow and doesn’t offer pinpoint precision

Unfortunately, the Phone location service has some major cons:

  • It takes close to 5 minutes for a single search.
  • There’s no real-time location tracking offered.

You don’t get other notable features like a phone location history tracker, a 3D street view, and geofence with this option. It’s why we don’t recommend it very highly.

Part 8: How to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free with the Number of the Cell Phone

Minspy box The 8th solution on our list is called Minspy. Minspy is a popular people search engine. What’s a people search engine? These services offer information about any person, place, phone, and email address.

8.1 Use Minspy to Track a Mobile Phone Number

You can use Minspy to track any mobile phone number online. Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to Minspy’s official reverse phone lookup page.

Step 2: You’ll find an empty form field here. Type in the phone number of the target device you’re tracking.

Step 3: Click on the “Search” button.

Step 4: Wait until Minspy generates the report and then read it!

What information do you get from Minspy’s report? Here’s an overview:

  • You’ll get the phone owner’s full name, aliases, and other personal information.
  • You’ll get their current residential address, including neighborhood details and house information.
  • Their social media and email address.

You can choose to generate a full background report that offers even more information about the person.

Minspy is a convenient way to track someone’s approximate cell phone location for free remotely. Further, it’s 100% secure. The target will never find out you searched for their location.

Part 9: How to Track Mobile Location

Spyine box On number 9, we have a phone tracking app called Spyine. You may have heard of it before. It’s a popular app for iOS and Android that allows you to share your location with friends and family. You could also track someone’s cell phone without him knowing.

The app offers excellent location tracking – provided you’re working in tandem with the phone device’s owner:

  • You can ask for a quick peek (glimpse) of someone’s location. If they accept, you’ll be able to view their device on a map.
  • You can share glimpses of your location with friends and family.

9.1 Spyine isn’t discreet

Note that Spyine isn’t a discreet way to track someone’s cell phone for free:

  • The target phone must have Spyine visibly installed.
  • You have to ask for permission every time you want to track the phone.

Spyine works if you want to share your location with friends or family once in a while, but it’s not a full-fledged phone tracker like Spyier.

Part 10: GPS Mobile Tracker

The last solution on our list is Life360. This is a popular location tracking app for families. You can track Android as well as iOS devices on any map. If you want to track a device, you add it to your group aka “Circle”.


Life360 offers nifty features:

  • You can track multiple devices at once on a map.
  • You get regular notifications when a target leaves, moves, arrives, etc.

You can’t track cell phones in secret with Life360

However, Life360 isn’t a discreet app:

  • You need to download and install Life360 on the target device.
  • You need to provide permission on the target device to begin location tracking.

If you’re looking for a hidden tracker app, you’re better off with using a solution such as Cocospy.

To Sum It Up

That concludes our list of the 10 best cell phone trackers to track a cell phone location for free. We recommend solutions #1-4: namely Spyier, Spyic, Fami360, and Cocospy. They’re reliable and discreet.

All the other solutions on the list like ZoSearch will also work, but won’t offer phone tracking features along with location tracking.

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