How to View Private Instagram

Do you feel that your partner or your child spends too much time on Instagram? Well, it can be tough wondering what the other person is hiding behind that veil of privacy.

There are many curtains that people put on their Instagram account. First of all, the accounts are generally created as a private profile. Therefore, whatever personal things that they share as their posts are not visible to you unless they approve your profile to see them.


And even if you can view their personal posts, the majority of their secrets are kept in their personal DMs. How are you ever going to view that?

That is simple- you can read this guide to know all about how to view private Instagram of anyone you know. You can not only view their private posts but also their messages with other people.

You might find it hard to believe, but it takes less than 5 minutes to get into someone’s private Instagram if you follow this guide step by step.

Like every lock has a key and it won’t open if you fit the wrong one, the same goes with viewing someone’s private Instagram. You need to use the right method for the job or else it won’t work that good.

Part 1: How to View a Private Instagram Account

While there are many ways to view a private Instagram, most of them would just give you the private posts of the person. If you want something more, such as their private messages, the method that I am about to suggest is what you need.

Through this method, you can get so much more than just the private Instagram account content of the person. It works equally well for Facebook, Snapchat, and any other social media app.

1.1 Spyier- Private Instagram Isn’t Private Anymore

Spyier is a phone monitoring application that gives you the private Instagram data of any person. This includes everything from their posts and activity to even their messages.


It basically keeps an eye on the Instagram app that is installed on the other person’s phone. The phone can be Android or iOS, Spyier works for both.

Besides Instagram, Spyier will also give you complete information about any other social media messages that they have to hide. With Spyier, you can also view their WhatsApp chats.

However, focusing our discussion on Instagram private account viewer, there is nothing better for the job other than Spyier.


What Makes Spyier the First Choice of Private Instagram Viewer

If you have Spyier, you don’t have to use any other app for viewing private Instagram data. This is because Spyier has a wide scope and there is no data that can hide from Spyier. Here are a few of the things that make Spyier so special:

No Root or Jailbreak Needed

You won’t need to root or jailbreak the target phone on which you track the Instagram private data. This is unlike any other phone monitoring application, which will require you to root or jailbreak the device. This makes Spyier a very secure and trustable option.

Web Based Interface

You won’t need to download any app on your phone or PC in order to use Spyier. Spyier can operate from any web browser of any device you choose. Therefore, this adds a layer of portability to the process as you won’t need to install Spyier on any device you use.

Data Security

Whatever data you view is just private between you and the other person. There is no third party that can view it, not even Spyier’s own team. In fact, Spyier doesn’t store any of your personal data on its own servers.

35+ Features

You will be amazed at all the data you will find by using Spyier. You will learn about every single message that the other person has typed or received, every single call, their location, and so much more. Spyier offers you endless possibilities when it comes to phone monitoring.


As you can see, Spyier offers you unparalleled features as well as complete privacy. If there is an app that I would trust for sneaking on someone’s Instagram, it would be Spyier.

Of course, it is not enough to just read about it and not try it yourself. Therefore, Spyier offers you this free web demo which you can do without registration or even without signup.

View Private Instagram Without the Person Knowing About It

When you are viewing someone’s private messages or posts with Spyier, they will never find out about it. This is because of the awesome stealth mode of Spyier.

When it comes to monitoring an iPhone to view their private Instagram, you won’t have to touch their phone at all in order to make it work. Spyier for iOS works through accessing the other user’s iCloud backup.

Since all iPhones come with the iCloud backup feature, Spyier extracts all the Instagram data of a person through this iCloud backup. You won’t have to do a thing. All you will need is the iCloud username and password of the other person.

When it comes to viewing someone’s private Instagram which is installed on an Android phone, you will need to access the target user’s phone at least once. However, Spyier ensures that this one time access remains a one time access only.

Further, Spyier’s Android solution is designed to be completely hidden. The app size is less than 2 MB and it installs within a matter of seconds. Once installed, the app icon will vanish from the app menu of the target phone.

Spyier runs on their phone in the background without triggering any notifications at all. It won’t even drain any battery.

And when you feel like it has served its purpose, you don’t have to access their phone to uninstall Spyier. You can uninstall it remotely through the Spyier’s dashboard from any web browser of your choice.

As you can see, these unique features of Spyier make it impossible for you to be detected whether you are snooping someone’s Instagram on Android phone or iPhone.

Read Someone’s Instagram Messages With Spyier

Spyier makes sure that not a single message or private post of the other user is hidden from your eyes. You just have to follow these  easy three steps in order to make Spyier work for you:

Step 1: In order to use the Spyier Instagram spy, first you need to get yourself a Spyier subscription. There are various cheap plans for Android phones and iPhones, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

During the subscription purchase, you are asked to enter your email address. This is going to be your Spyier username for later logins. You are given a randomly generated password after you get the subscription. You can change this password later too.


Step 2: Now that you have the username and password, you can login into your Spyier account from the website. You will be taken to your dashboard. When you access it for the very first time, you will need to configure Spyier through the setup wizard.

Follow the steps mentioned in the setup wizard. For iOS, you will need to verify the iCloud credentials of the other user. For Android, you will need a one time access to their phone.


Step 3: Click on ‘Start’ and you are ready to monitor their Instagram.


Once you click on the ‘Start’ button, you will be taken to your dashboard. Your dashboard is the place from where all of Spyier’s features will work. To view their Instagram data, you just have to navigate to the ‘Instagram’ option under ‘Social Media Apps’ on the left side.

Similarly, if you wish to view their Facebook messages, Snapchat texts, etc. you can go to the respective tab under the Social Media Apps.

There are tonnes of other features to use. If you want a deeper idea about these features, you can check out this Spyier demo. You can try out each of its features without signing up for it.

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Part 2: How to View Private Instagram Profiles

While the previous method is my preferred one for viewing someone’s private Instagram since it can be done without their knowledge, there are other methods to view it too.

However, any other alternative will require a compromise on your end. Either you will have to let them know that you are wishing to view their Instagram profile. Otherwise, you will have to settle with the idea of viewing a part of their profile.

2.1 Reverse Search for the Username

You can try copying their username, pasting it on Google and hitting on the Search option. It will display their trails on the internet.

You might be able to see certain posts that are directly posted by the person or where the person is tagged in them. However, there is hardly a chance that most of their private posts will be visible to you.

This is not really a method I prefer since I have to settle with only a part of their private posts. Further, there is no way to read their messages through this method.

Therefore, the better choice is to get a Spyier subscription and spend a few bucks to get complete access to their Instagram (and every other social media) profile.

Part 3: How to See Private Instagram Accounts

If you don’t wish to use Spyier and you still want to view all the private posts of the person, the only way is through following them. If you try to find other shortcuts, you will just find private Instagram viewer apps on the internet.

It might sound like a jackpot to you, but the catch is that these apps never work. They will just lead you through a series of surveys and human verifications, just trying to get you to download their malicious apps.

Therefore, the direct way is to send the person a friend request. I know things might not be that simple at times, so there are ways to deal with them.

3.1 Tricks to View Private Instagram Through Follow Request

If you feel that the other person will not accept your follow request directly, you can always find ways around it.

A good idea is to make a fake profile and make it look genuine. You should try to create that profile to look like something that the other person would be interested in. When you create the profile, you can send them a follow request from that fake profile.

If you don’t want to go through the effort of creating a fake profile, you can ask a mutual friend for help who is already added as their Instagram friends. Through your friend’s Instagram account, you can view the private posts of the other person.

However, it is important to keep in mind that these methods too will only reveal the private posts of the person, which they are already sharing with their friends. You won’t get to see their private messages and all that hides there.

Therefore, if you wish to view someone’s Instagram DMs or the posts they share via messages, you will have to use Spyier for that purpose.


Now you know about the different ways through which you can view someone’s private Instagram. I have also told you about the success rate of each method, along with the information that will be visible and the things that won’t be visible.

Now which method you choose is entirely up to you. If you want it all, Spyier is the way to go.

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