Seeking Side Hustle Opportunities

Everyone is down for an extra income because sometimes our savings and salary from a full-time job are not enough. However, there are a lot of good side hustles that could generate extra income. 


If you have goals to increase your savings, need to pay off some debt, or just want to have the extra money in your pocket? Then finding side hustle opportunities should be on your to-do list. 


So, check these side hustle ideas that will help you earn extra income.



  1. Transcriptionist


If you are good at typing and transcribing audio, this could be the right job for you. A transcriptionist is the one creating the most accurate written versions of an audio or video recording and identifies the inconsistencies of the recording by using software. In simpler words, a transcriptionist transcribes letters or other documents from a recorded dictation.


They are so important in every industry, especially in the legal and medical industries. If you want to be paid higher, you should take some training first to become a more expert transcriptionist.


  1. Delivery Service


Delivery service has been a trend. Food, clothes, groceries, etc. can be just right at your door when you need them. It saves people’s time and energy. If you are looking for an easy yet fun job, this is for you. 


Aside from it being an easy job, you are most likely going to generate money in hours because ordering online is just one click away using delivery apps. Convenient for both you and the customer. 


  1. Online Tutor


You don’t have a degree in teaching? No worries, online tutoring got your back. In today’s digital world, people don’t have to meet the teacher to learn. There is what we called “online tutoring” wherein students can book their teachers that will teach at their chosen time. The teacher is the “online tutor” and this will be you if you are into teaching. 


An online tutor mostly doesn’t have to be a teacher and has a degree or a graduate as long as you can teach the required lesson or module that the student wanted to learn.


  1. Coaching Session Courses


Coaching or selling courses can be a great opportunity to make some extra money during these holidays. Online course platforms have made it easier to share your skills or expertise. You may turn your expertise or passion into a large income if you are a subject matter expert or passionate about something. The great thing about the holidays is that people have a lot of free time on their hands that they can spend attending sessions or taking courses, so it’s one of the best times for this kind of business,” says Danny Trichter, founder of Accessibility Checker, ADA & WCAG Compliance checker.


  1. Content writer


A content writer writes engaging articles and content to help clients’ brands promote their products to potential consumers. They cover and write a wide range of topics and subjects and produce the best-written blog posts or articles.


  1. Social media manager


One of the high-paying virtual jobs is a social media manager. The social media manager is the one who keeps on tracking the interaction of the company with the public through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram content strategies.


The co-owner of Buying Property 215, Ian Bulock said that one of the remote side hustle is being a social media manager.  “ You can market yourself as a social media manager for businesses, agencies, and influencers who need help growing their following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.,” he says.


  1. Podcasting


William, owner of Nccuttingtools said “Podcasting is the same as social media and blogging which embrace and cover broader content and discuss it through a podcast. Podcasting is considered a popular audio entertainment and has now become even downloadable radio shows”.


You can be the host of the podcast discussing recent issues or topics and then you will be paid once the podcast is posted to a certain platform and then when downloaded by the listeners. 


If you are an inspirational speaker. Podcasting is for you!


  1. Sell stock images


If you are usually carrying a camera with you and are known for capturing beautiful shots, you may make money by selling your pictures to stock photography organizations. With them, you’ll get a cut of the revenues if someone buys your image from a third-party site.

“The most well-known companies are the finest places to sell your photographs (as these have a lot of customers who might like and buy your pictures). Try Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, and other similar sites. Even if you simply have a smartphone, numerous stock image companies will buy high-quality photos taken with it, so sophisticated equipment isn’t required for this passive income concept”, says Daniel and the founder of Gadget Faqs


  1. Garage Sale


Do you have pieces of stuff in your room or around your house that you do not use anymore? You can sell it through a garage sale. A garage sale is an informal setting of selling wherein an individual is selling things that they do not use anymore but are still usable. 


This will not only help you clear up some space but it will also help you make money from it. Extra pocket money. 


  1. Online selling


E-commerce also known as online selling is defined as selling goods and services online. In a simpler sense, a business is selling online. 


Nowadays, social media is being used by online sellers. If you have a product in mind that you think lots of people will be interested in buying, you can grab the opportunity of starting an online business. Whether it’s clothes, food, jewelry, and other kinds of stuff (as long as it is not illegal) you can sell it online. 


Even live online selling is a trend nowadays. There is no restriction on online selling. If you have the products and are willing to spend time answering the queries of the customer, you can start deciding what to sell online right now.




Yes, side hustles will help us generate more income. But we should not forget that we should still lift a finger to it. You need to exert time and effort. Check out these 2 questions you need to consider before you decide to get a side hustle job. 


  1. Do you have a passion for it? Of course, it would be less tiring if you like what you are doing. They said that if you love and you are passionate about your job, it may not seem like you are working but it is just a hobby. Imagine earning while enjoying it? That would be perfect!
  2. Does it not ruin your main job’s schedule? You do not want to have your side hustle job and full-time job be in conflicting schedules otherwise either of the two jobs will be compromised. Be mindful of your schedule. You only have 24 hours a day, so manage it well.




Many side hustles are offered anywhere today, you just need to determine which one suits you, which one you want, and which one you need to earn extra income. If you are living paycheck to paycheck and have to pay loans aside from the daily essentials and bills, then side hustling will surely be of great help. Earning more requires more hard work, nevertheless, do not forget to enjoy while working.