How to See Someone’s Snapchat

Do you want to know how to see other people’s Snapchat history? Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms amongst social media sites. This is not only engaging youngsters but people of all age groups around the world.

In this article, we shall see various ways to view someone’s Snapchat messages to be able to see what’s happening. You will need access to the right tools. Let’s know everything about the process in detail.

Part 1: How to See Other People’s Snapchats They Send

If you want to know how to view Snapchat history, you should first understand how Snapchat works. Apart from chatting with loved ones, people usually share their snaps or photographs on it. The most attractive feature of Snapchat is privacy.

When you chat with a person it will automatically disappear after some time. Due to this unique privacy feature, Snapchat is used globally.  However, the use of Snapchat has some big disadvantages also.

Internet bullying on social media makes us feel insecure about our loved ones. Many criminal-minded notorious hackers misuse the personal details of the users. Hence it can be very important to track the Snapchat activities of your loved ones for their safety and security.

It is very difficult to view the Snapchat stories of someone without them knowing but by using some advanced spy apps you can perform this activity. Although many websites and software claim to perform this, you should never trust them as those malicious sites and software may hack your personal data.

You are advised to use a reliable and reputed spy app that is not detectable easily and that allows you to track the Snapchat activities of the targeted person in real-time. This is where Spyier comes in.

It is indeed very difficult to see Snapchat history of a third person because of the advanced technical security settings of the platform. Since the chats of the target person automatically disappear after a specific time so an efficient and foolproof solution is required.


1.1 Getting to Know Spyier: The Powerful Spy App

A number of companies and websites claim to provide you with Snapchat monitoring. They are usually scamming as they will ask for your personal information and recommendations to show you everything about Snapchat including a history of the target’s account.

Only advanced Snapchat spy apps like Spyier are reliable solutions to perform this activity safely and securely without the knowledge of the target person. These spy apps can go to the extent of recovering and tracking even automatically deleted messages and media files of Snapchat.

Using the advanced features, you can track the Snapchat history of the target person from the beginning to the end. Millions of satisfied users are enjoying its services globally in more than one hundred and ninety countries.


The advanced features of this app enable you to monitor social media activities of the target user including Snapchat activities remotely. The best thing about using Spyier is that there is no complex installation involved.

The app does not require you to root or jailbreak the target device first when you install the app. This is the case with most spy apps that will need a rooted phone. If not, only basic monitoring will be available and advanced features like Snapchat monitoring will inevitably need rooting.

Without the need for rooting, it becomes really simple to use the Spyier app. The app also takes minimal space on the target device. The Spyier Android app is lightweight and takes up less than 2M of space.

On the other hand, the iOS target device does not need any installation at all as everything happens in the cloud. You should definitely check out Spyier today to see how it can solve all of your Snapchat monitoring queries in a breeze. It is super simple to use and there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t try this app!

1.2 Elegant Design and Interface

Another powerful feature of Spyier is the fact that it is completely browser-based in terms of design which makes the interface very clean and the app easy to use. You need nothing more than a web browser to able to use the app.


The app also works in stealth mode. On Android devices, the app’s icon is automatically removed from the main screen after installation is complete. The app will then execute in the background without coming into view.

The app is designed to run with optimized battery consumption so it does not drain all resources.

The app has a low memory usage too. It won’t make the target device slow and thus will not be detected by the target. This is a common problem of most spy apps which make the target device very sluggish. The target user can immediately sense that there’s something wrong with her phone.

What’s more, the app is very reliable and has been featured repeatedly in prestigious media outlets including TheNextWeb and MacWorld to name just a few. Spyier has excellent customer support so you can get in touch with the teams if you’re facing any problems. There is also multi-language support.

So, how to see someone’s Snapchat history? You can use Spyier not only to see Snapchat messages but also the media files that have been sent or received. You can read all message logs. You can view the details of the accounts with whom your target interacted including the time of the chat.

You can access the information of the target user at any time even later on as Spyier app collects and stores the information in the cloud database. However, note that the app does not store any data on the servers and all sensitive information remains safe.

You can access and track both Android and iOS devices by using the Spyier app.

1.3 Advanced Snapchat Monitoring Features

Spyier app has a number of advanced built-in features to perform tracking of the target device discreetly. A powerful feature is that if the “Keylogger”. Using the Keylogger feature you can capture the credentials of the target users, which they use for logging in to Snapchat.

One can directly track or access Snapchat activities after getting the credentials of the target user. With the help of the Keylogger tool your presence remains hidden and never visible to the user of the target device. This advanced tool notes every keypress by the users.


In this respect, when they type the username & password of their Snapchat account, the keylogger logs it and remotely sends it to you. Using the credentials on your dashboard, you can easily track and view the activities of the Snapchat account of the target user.

1.4 How to View Other People’s Snapchat

Spyier app is available in two versions. One for the Android operating devices and the other one is for the iOS operating devices.

If your target user is using an Android device then you have to use Spyier solution for Android devices. You can follow the below-mentioned points to perform the tracking activity on Android devices.

Step1: Spyier works on a monthly subscription model. You can monitor Snapchat on a single target device for a month with the Premium plan, and use Family if you need to monitor more. Navigate to the pricing page for a look at all the options

Once you choose a plan, initiate the payment process. You’ll be asked to enter your email ID at the beginning. Make sure you enter one that you’re actively using, you’ll need it later. Then complete the payment process. 

Step2: You will be taken to the payment confirmation page. The server generates a random, automatic password for you here. Use this for now, you’ll be given the option to change it later. 

The Spyier team will also send you an email with your account details and other important information. There will be links to the setup guides for iOS and Android. We recommend reading the Android setup guide to learn how to prep the target phone. 

Click on “Start Monitoring” to proceed with the installation.

Step-3: Now download the Spyier solution for Android devices on the target phone by following the installation instructions. The process should take less than 5 minutes.



Step-4: Now just login to the Spyier app from a remote device to track using the Control Panel. Select Social media apps option on the left and click on the drop-down to find Snapchat and click on it.

Step-5: You can track and access all the Snapchat activities happening on the target account.

Step-6: You can use the keylogger feature if you wish to track all the details. You can get the passwords typed on the target device which can include Snapchat. Using the password you can access the account of the target device for detailed information.

If the target user uses an iPad or iPhone then no installation is required. Thanks to the Spyier iOS solution, you will not need the target device physically. Only the iCloud credentials are required but please check that the two-step verification on the target device is disabled or not.


To track and access Snapchat activities on the iOS device just log in on the Spyier app official website, select the iOS icon and see the instructions. Enter the iCloud credentials of the target device. Sign in to the Spyier dashboard and spare some time for the synchronization.

Choose Snapchat from the installed applications and click it. Now you can track or access all the activities of the Snapchat account of the target device. Jailbreaking is also not required and it synchronizes in real-time.

What if you wanted to see how Spyier works without first downloading the app and setting everything up. You can do that by simply using the Spyier live demo that enables you to do just that.


We learned how to see other people’s social media app’s messenger. You can easily access the other person’s social media app’s account by using the Spyier app and following the steps we saw. Spyier app provides you Snapchat monitoring solutions for both iOS and Android devices.

Using Spyier app, you can spy on the target device discreetly without the knowledge of the target user as it operates in stealth or hidden mode.

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