FoneMonitor Review

If you have ever made a search on Google related to the phone spying app, you may have seen FoneMonitor in the top search results. But, you can’t rely upon it just like that. Phone spying is not an easy task. 

In fact, it’s one of those few jobs that demand great diligence and astuteness to accomplish easily. Hence, no matter what Google says, one has to run its mind horses and weigh down the viability of any product/service on its own. 

This article provides you a detailed insight of FoneMonitor and helps you find out the answers such as: 

What makes it so special? Whether or not it’s trustworthy? Is it legal?  How does it work? 

 So, let’s get started. 

What is FoneMonitor? 

FoneMonitor is a feature-packed phone monitoring and spying app that allows the end-user to keep tabs on all kinds of phone activities happening on the targeted phone. 

Parents, spouses, or employers who are concerned about the unregulated use of the internet and phone by the people around them can use this app to unearth the truth. 

FoneMonitor website states that its services are available with an impressive bunch of monitoring features and let you gain admin -like access on the targeted phone. This is why it has earned huge popularity amongst the crowd. 

Compatibility of FoneMonitor 

FoneMonitor is compatible with all operating system venison of Android and iOS platforms. It claims to work on both these two device types without any hassles. 

Features of FoneMonitor  

FoneMonitor claims to offer 25+ remote phone monitoring features. Some of its key features are: 

  • Call Logs Monitoring – Using FoneMonitor allows you to keep tabs on every kind of call log activity such as when the call was made, to whom the call was made, what was the call duration, etc. 
  • GPS Location Tracking – Find out the GPS coordinates for the targeted phone and learn where all it’s moving. 
  • Text Messages Monitoring – This feature is designed to help the end-user know what kind of texts are exchanged/received/sent by the aimed person. Along with texts, it can also keep tabs on IM chats and chats shared on social media accounts. 
  • Contact Spying – Check all the saved contact details like name, phone number, email ID, etc. without letting anyone know about it. 
  • Apps Tracking – This feature is highly useful when you want to know about the apps downloaded on the target phone and how the person is utilizing them. Not only the name of apps, it will also give details of when and how much the app was used. 
  • Web-browsing Tracking – Find out what all pages were searched and what all internet downloads were made with the help of this feature. You can put restrictions on the web-pages as well. 


The USPs of FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor has been designed using a bunch of many leading technologies and AI. This is why there is no dearth of specialties. The key USP’s of FoneMonitor are: 

Stealth Mode 

Available on its Android version, stealth mode is nothing but a blessing in disguise. 

Activation of this mode makes the app’s icon vanish away from the home page or app list page and hide its presence. Though the app remains at work, no one can ever find out its presence. 


FoneMonitor offers a very responsive keylogger for reliable phone monitoring. Its keylogger is far advanced and responsive than any other run of the mill keyloggers. It carefully records the keystrokes while keeping all the traditional flaws at bay. 

Interactive Dashboard 

FoneMonitor’s dashboard is highly interactive and helps you access the spying app without much of hassle. You don’t have to go extra miles to access the data. 

You can access the data using any device/browser and gain deeper insights into activities happening on the target phone. 

How good is the customer support? 

FoneMonitor knows what all it takes to do risk-free and easy phone spying. This is why it has kept its interface highly user-friendly. But, no one can eliminate the possibilities of hassles. Hence, it has very responsive customer care support. 

Any kind of after-sale and the presale query can be made using the query form available on the website. They have live chat support as well which is available around the clock. 

Pros and Cons of FoneMonitor  

Every product or service comes with a fair share of merits and demerits and FoneMonitor is no exception. So, we go the extra mile, search tons of FoneMonitor reviews, and find out some of the key pros and cons of this spying software. 


  • Multiple file view facility is available 
  • 7-days money-back policy 


  • Some of the features demands rooting/jailbreak to work properly 
  • Data sync lacks credibility in the absence of stable internet connection 

How FoneMonitor works? 

The modus-operandi of FoneMonitor is easy. You can bring it into action after following a few simple steps:

  • You must begin by creating a FoneMonitor account on its official website.
  • Next, you must purchase the right kind of subscription and make payment. You can purchase the subscription for iOS and Android devices.  
  • Using the app link mentioned in the confirmation email, you need to install the app on the target phone. Complete the set-up process by verifying the details of the target phone. 
  • Access your FoneMonitor online account using any device/browser. Here, you can see all the live data rendering over here. 

Is it legit? 

Phone monitoring under certain conditions is allowed. Parents and employers can avail of this facility to ensure the right use of the mobile phone. However, laws vary from state to state. Hence, it is advised to refer to local laws before starting-up.

The Final word

FoneMonitor is one of the easiest ways to keep track of one’s a mobile phone without accessing it. Using this phone monitoring app, people of all kinds can find out a lot of details like call logs, contacts, text messages, live locations, and many more.  

Its developers have used all technological advancements to keep its operations as easy as possible. It captures data in real-time. All these points are enough to conclude that FoneMonitor can be trusted and deployed for remote phone monitoring.