How to Hack iPhone Messages

While all of us respect other people’s privacy – from time to time, knowing what something is up to matters.

For example, your kids might be acting up, especially when they hit puberty. Or, your girlfriend could be texting someone all the time without telling you who it is.

Heck – you could even suspect your spouse is cheating on you! All of these situations warrant you to learn more. But in this day and age, people can communicate more discreetly than ever using their phones.

In the past decade and a half, the iPhone craze has more than swept the world; who isn’t using one of these in 2020? If you have any concerns like the ones we’ve mentioned above; you might need to learn how to hack an iPhone’s text messages.

But how do you go about doing that? The days when it was enough to learn someone’s phone password are long gone; these days, iPhones have everything from fingerprint to facial scans. With that in mind, a more complicated hacking solution is required.

So, is that possible at all? Don’t worry, there are actually ways to spy on iPhone text messages; you’ll just have to get a little creative. And we’ll explain everything below!

Part 1: How to Hack an iPhone Text Messages, Even Deleted

We’ve already talked about how technology has made mischevious communication simpler than ever. But, luckily for you – there’s another side of that coin. Just like phone communication capabilities and security have increased; so too have ways to get past them.

These days, you’ve got a plethora of phone monitoring services that allow you to read and spy on iPhone text messages. So, if you’ve got a misbehaving child or a suspiciously acting boyfriend – there’s a solution for you!

So, let’s get one of the most important things out of the way first – the cost. Generally, you can find many phone spying apps that are free, and perform their function without you paying a dollar.

However, the problem with these is that they’re not reliable; you’ll probably end up with questionable results. Instead, you need to go with an iPhone tracking service like Spyier!


In fact, Spyier is one of the leading brands when it comes to phone tracking worldwide! Many household publications across the globe praise the trustworthiness of Spyier; such as Tech Crunch, New York Times, and Android Authority!

And apart from showing you how to hack someone’s iMessage, Spyier also provides many other handy phone surveillance options. Most importantly, though – as you’ll soon see, it’s very discreet, allowing you to read someone’s messages without them knowing a thing!

1.1. Introducing Spyier, your private spy

So, you must be wondering how Spyier works. Firstly, you should know that this is an extremely powerful phone monitoring app.

But at the same time, it does not require you to have much technological prowess to use it to great effect. Without knowing much about technology, you’ll easily be able to use it to read someone’s messages on an iPhone!

Usefully, the app doesn’t just work on iOS devices, but on Android phones as well; this might be important if your target decides to switch phones at any point.

Plus, in order to use Spyier on an iPhone, you won’t even have to jailbreak it – as we’ve mentioned, it’s much simpler than you think.

The way Spyier for iOS works allows it to remain completely undetected as it goes through someone’s iPhone messages. The genius of it is the fact that Spyier’s iPhone spying solution is completely web-based. So, there’s no “spying app” to install here in order to make it work.


These are just some of the reasons why Spyier is deemed one of the most trustworthy and dependable iPhone spying solutions all over the world.

In fact, Spyier is used by more than a staggering million users across the globe; in more than 190 different countries! Such a large user base in so many diverse places makes Spyier one of the most vetted solutions out there.

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1.2. How to See Someones iMessages Without Them Knowing

As we’ve mentioned, besides being used to hack iPhone text messages; you can also use Spyier for Android devices.

And in that case, you’ll need to download a small app on the target phone. But when it comes to spying on an iPhone user via Spyier; it’s even simpler than that!

In other words, there is no iPhone app to deal with here. That’s a big benefit for staying undetected by the target iPhone user. Nope, Spyier for iOS is completely cloud-based, and you can use it to hack iPhone from your computer.

Once you’ve got it up and running, you will be able to read someone’s iPhone messages, and much more – without ever having to hold their phone in your hands!

You’ve got the ultimate discretion, coupled with all of the surveillance power you’ll ever need. But how does that actually work?

Don’t worry, Spyier delivers on its promises – and it does so by not interacting directly with the target iPhone. As you may know, all of the data on iPhones gets backed up to iCloud.

Furthermore, the tool does not store any user data on its servers and cannot access the data of its users, making the service 100% safe.

And that’s where Spyier gets all of its information from! When users’ information is uploaded to the iCloud, you’ll have it soon after thanks to Spyier.

In order to do this, you simply have to:

Step 1: Make your Spyier account. You’ll need a valid email for this, as well as a password that you’ll choose.


Step 2: Choose the Spyier subscription you want. Depending on how many devices you intend to spy on, you’ve got the Family, Business and Premium packages.

Step 3: Once you log into Spyier, you’ll be able to pick whether you’re tracking an Android or iOS device. After you choose the latter, you’ll receive a couple of very simple instructions on connecting to the target iCloud.

Note that the target phone’s iCloud username and password are required. Once you finish that, all that’s left is to give Spyier a few minutes to sync up – and you’re good to go!


Step 4: Basically, you’re all set up now – congrats! As you can see, Spyier is usable from absolutely any desktop, laptop, or smartphone device.

Once you log into the Spyier service, you’ll be greeted with its dashboard, clearly showing you all available features; including the option to spy on iPhone text messages!


We hope that you now have all the knowledge you were seeking and feel confident enough to give Spyier a go right here.

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In conclusion, while there are many iPhone tracking apps out there – only a few of them actually get the job done. And among these, Spyier is definitely the premier solution for iPhone spying.

With it, you can effortlessly spy on someone’s iPhone messages, without them ever learning of it. If you’re still unsure, try the live demo for free and see what it’s all about!