Track Installed Apps

Track Installed Apps

Find and manage all apps installed on the target device.

Get a list of all apps installed on the target phone and manage them with Spyier.

  • Review all the apps on the target phone or tablet.
  • Find apps that have been hidden from view.
  • Get updates on newly installed or deleted apps.

Monitor Installed Apps with 3 Simple Steps

Get A Free Account

Sign up for free with an email address and password.

Install Spyier

Download Spyier onto the target Android device to install it. For iOS devices, enter the iCloud credentials.

Check Installed Apps

Find information on how well certain apps are being used at a given time.

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The Easy Way to Look at Installed Apps

Spyier offers a stress-free way to look at the apps installed on someone's phone. You can access this info remotely and conveniently from any web browser. All you have to do is get Spyier up and running first.

If you have Spyier installed, access the app dashboard from your web browser. Afterward, look for the "Applications" option in the selection panel to the left. Tap on the option. The installed apps screen will show up. This window shows you all the apps installed on the phone.

By default, 12 apps will be shown. You can view the log for information on when a particular app was last accessed. You get detailed timestamps for app usage. Finally, if you find an inappropriate app, you have the option to block it.

track install apps

Find Out if They're Using an Inappropriate App

Are your loved ones or the poeple you know using apps they shouldn't be? The are a multitude of age-inappropriate, malicious apps out there. For example, some apps steal your personal information while others clog your phone up with ads.

If you're a parent, it's a good idea to check on your kids' app use once in a while. Children don't often have the experience to distinguish between a real and fake app. Sometimes children unwittingly download age-inappropriate apps. The only way to keep your kids safe is by regularly screening for malicious apps.

If you're an employer, you might have given your employees work phones. Are these phones exclusively being used for work only, though, as intended? Are your employees treating them as personal devices and installing all sorts of apps on them? You can find out by checking the installed apps.

Spyier allows you to peek at anyone's installed apps stress-free. The app works remotely and anonymously. It's also easy to set up and use. Download Spyier now!



Check Installed Apps in Stealth Mode

Spyier was designed to be next to impossible to detect. It's a super-discreet app. The Android version, once installed on the target device, can be hidden. It runs in the background without slowing the phone down or using much battery. The iOS version is fully web-based, there are no downloads involved, making it extra stealthy.

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