How to Catch A Cheating Boyfriend

Are you constantly worried about your boyfriend cheating on you and tired of finding the best way to catch him cheating?

We can help. In this article, we’ll tell you about the most reliable, safe, and sure-shot way to catch a cheating boyfriend.

Part 1: How to tell if your boyfriend is cheating?

Well, there are many clear hints that show you have a cheating boyfriend. He is cheating on you if:

  • He is not very comfortable about sharing his whereabouts with you.
  • He hangs up his phone in haste as you come in.
  • He stays late outside the home and refuses to give you the reasons or tell the same lame excuses.
  • He is behaving abruptly. At once, he is a die-hard romantic and an aggressive man the minute later.
  • He is more concerned about his looks and his appearance while ignoring you completely.
  • Suddenly, he started finding flaws and errors in everything related to you.
  • Check more signs he is cheating on you >>

Part 2: How to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating

If you have any doubts that your boyfriend is cheating on you, no need to sob in the bed and wake up with swollen eyes! It’s the time to take some action and caught him red-handed.

But, how it can be possible?

Well, Spyier is the answer to all your ‘how to catch your boyfriend cheating’ worries.

Spyier – Your knight in shining armor

Trusted by users in 190+ countries, the app is helping millions of people at present. And don’t worry because it does not save or accesses any of your or target phone’s data on server. So, it is completely safe to play with.

The app is 100% secure, easy-to-install, well-optimized with app size being less than 3M, allows remote uninstallation, does not affect battery or phone’s performance and above all – you need the target phone for less than 5 minutes.

Things are even better when your target has an iPhone. Spying an iOS device does not need any app, but just iCloud credentials for once. Afterwards, you may use it for tracking your cheating spouse text messages, social media data, location, calls, and much more.


With Spyier, you need not hire a professional spy. It can be your best help as it comes with:

  • 100% discreet operations and stealth mode and makes you spy under the cover. It works in such a hush-hush manner that not you but your cheating boyfriend will be caught red-handed.
  • Powerful features like Keylogger, call and camera tracking, and GPS location tracking that help you mark every activity of your cheating boyfriend.
  • Call, messages, and camera tracking ability to help you catch your boyfriend cheating.
  • Affordable pricing and different plans. So, you can get just the right thing without being bankrupt.
  • One-minute installation and easy user-interface. So, you need not to a hacking pro to use Spyier.
  • iPhone and Android monitoring ability.
  • For the new users or interested customers, Spyier offers the free live demo facility so that you could see its intuitive interface, try the solution well, and make sure it will serve the purpose.

2.1 Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating App: Spyier

Once installed successfully, Spyier can keep an eye on 25+ activities. The cherry on the cake is that it does it all without any jailbreak and rooting.

Here is how to catch your boyfriend cheating using Spyier –

  • Check his call logs without letting him know 

With whom he is talking, what was the call time and how long was the call, and who is that John in real with whom he is always busy?

If you really want to know ‘how to catch a cheating boyfriend’ then knowing the answers to all these questions is more than important.

Spyier takes note of every call detail (check free live demo) and helps you find out who is that John in real life.


  • Read the iPhone and Android text messages and find out by your own 

Messages and chat are the two most common ways to stay in touch with others. Spyier comes with an innovative AI-assisted technology that can do real-time messages and chats tracking ability.


It allows you to know which messages have been shared with whom, what was the text and timing. A lot of action happens on social messaging apps like Line, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger.


With Spyier, you can track the messaging and chat activities happening on all these leading messaging platforms. It gives you the chat details with live timestamps. So, you can also know which message was sent to whom at what time.

Can any other catch your boyfriend cheating app be so precise? I don’t think so.

  • Keep his locations on your fingertips 

If he is cheating on you for long then texting is not the only way he is interacting with his new love interest. He might be meeting with his new love-interest in-person as well.


With Spyier, you can keep a log on the live GPS location of your cheating boyfriend. Spyier can track the live GPS location and can give you the real-time whereabouts of your boyfriend even if he is not bothered to tell you.

  • Bring his social media activities under the radar 

Virtual dating is in vogue these days and can be a possible way via which your boyfriend is cheating on you. If you want to know if your bf is cheating you virtually then the only way out is to keep an eye on the social media accounts.

But, will he share the password with you? 

Not even for heaven’s sake. So, what is the way out?

Spyier’s Android keylogger is what you need at this moment. This feature tracks every single word or phrase typed on the targeted keyword. So, next time when your cheating boyfriend will log in to his social media platform, use keylogger and trace the password.


Now, log in on your own and see whom he is admiring and texting secretly, whose pictures he likes, and what comments he is posting secretly.

  • Never ignore single web search 

So, he has told you that he is visiting his sick mother but has booked movie tickets? Cheating boyfriend can find numerous ways to fool you. But, if you have Spyier at your disposal doing this is next to impossible.


You can track every single web search made on the targeted device. It is a sort of best comprehensive help that you can ever have.

  • Check whether he is using any dating app or not 

One of the easiest ways to ‘how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you’ is the presence of a dating app on his phone. If he and you are in a serious relationship then a dating app looks fishy.


Spyier will let you know all the apps downloaded on the targeted device and even give you the last use details. So, check if he has one on his phone using Spyier.

2.2 How to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating

If the Target is using iPhone

iPhone is one of the finest gadgets ever made and is known for its impeccable design, style, and security. It is said that spying on an iPhone can give you the jitters.

In such a case, what if your cheating boyfriend is using an iPhone? (If not, save your time and scroll down to the next part is about using Spyier for Android. You may thank us later.)

Can you ever find out what he is doing? 

Yes, of course, you can provide you are using Spyier. Spyier for iOS is built with high-end technology that can easily intrigue even the safest mobile phone earth- iPhone. All you need to do is know the iCloud credentials of the targeted phones.

Once you have it, follow these steps –

  • You’ll need a Spyier monthly subscription. Go to the pricing page, choose an appropriate plan, click on the “Buy Now” button. A popup box will appear. Enter your email here to begin the purchase process. 
  • Once the purchase is done, you will automatically be redirected to the purchase confirmation page. The server will generate a new, unique, and secure password for your account here. You can change your password later if necessary. 

  • You will also receive an email with your login credentials as well as a link to the Setup Wizard. 
  • Click on “Start Monitoring” when you are ready to begin the Setup process. This link leads you to the control panel of the web-based iOS Spyier app.
  • Enter the targeted device details like iCloud credentials, passwords, and names on the control panel and verify them and you are ready to monitor the targeted device as per your will.


Use this demo link to figure out what all Spyier can do for you.

If the Target is using Android

If your cheating boyfriend is not using the iPhone then you can catch a cheater by using the Android-based cheating app of Spyier.

Note that if any spying app claims to do it without any installation then you must understand that something is fishy here and you should never fall in its trap.

Gentle Reminder – Spyier app demands only one-time access to the targeted device (that too – for less than 5 minutes!) and can give you lifetime monitoring access. Here’s the link to app’s official website.

Here is how you can do it. [For Android]

  • Gain access to the targeted device once and make it ready for Spyier installation. Follow ‘Settings’ > ‘Lock screen and security’, enable ‘Unknown Sources’ and tap on ‘OK’ instructions to do the same.
  • Go to the pricing page to sign up for a Spyier subscription. The Premium plan allows you to monitor one device, and Family multiple ones. Choose any suitable plan and click the purchase button. Enter your email in the popup box that appears. 
  • If the purchase was successful, you will be taken to the purchase confirmation page. This is where you receive a unique, randomly-generated password from the server. You can change this later. 
  • Further, you will also receive an email with your login details and a link to the Setup Wizard. You are now about to begin installing Spyier on the target device. Read the installation guide for simple, easy-to-understand instructions. 

  • Choose “Start Monitoring” to begin installing the app.
  • Open the app Set-up wizard page by simple login made in any browser. Once the page opens, you will be able to see download URL. Now, slide the download link right and the app download will start.
  • Click on the ‘INSTALL’ and ‘OPEN’. Finish the set-up which is hardly a 2-minute job to start using Spyier.


  • Once the set-up in the finish, hide the app from the app list and Spyier will go under the cover and your boyfriend can’t make out that he is being spied on.
  • Login to your Spyier account from any browsers and visit the control panel. Choose the activity you want to do and watch over your boyfriend.

Check out how Spyier Android app works, using this demo link.


A cheating boyfriend can be a great pain for you and can give you many sleepless nights. Spy apps come to your rescue here.

These apps help you track his activities and collect enough proofs of whether or not he is cheating on you – without ruining things (in case it’s just a misunderstanding). So, you always play safe with Spyier and other such apps.

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