Is She Cheating on Me? 20+ Signs of Cheating Girlfriend

Naturally, all of us would like to fall in love; it’s truly one of the finest feelings in the entire world. When you’re in love, everything seems to have a new kind of color; you’re more positive and joyous than you could imagine; that’s what happens when cupid strikes!

And just as logically, we’d all like to have a loyal, doting girlfriend; one that’s completely devoted to you. Certainly, that’s every man’s dream. You want someone who’s caring, pretty, intelligent – everything you want in a partner and a friend.

But unfortunately enough – many men discover soon enough that this is too good to be true. While there are a lot of truly good girlfriends out there, there are also quite a few disloyal ones as well.

With that in mind – what are some of the signs of a cheating girlfriend? We’ll explore this question below!

Increased Phone Time

Right away, we’ll tackle one of the most obvious cheating girlfriend signs: increased phone time. When you and your girl spend time together, especially if you both lead busy lives – you both want this to be quality time.

However, if your girlfriend is cheating on you, you’ll find that she doesn’t respect this. Instead, she’ll constantly be on the phone, texting whomever she actually wants to be seeing. In that case, you may want to use a phone tracking app like Spyier to find out who she’s talking to.


The best of these apps aren’t free, but a reputable one such as Spyier will allow you to find out whatever your girlfriend does on her phone; from her social chats to her actual GPS location. If you suspect that she’s cheating on you, this is definitely the first thing to turn to. Check Spyier’s Free Live Demo here >>

She’s Less Interested In Sex

So, if you notice that your girlfriend keeps pushing you away physically – this is one of the most certain physical signs your girlfriend is cheating.

Sure, there could be objective reasons why she’s not very keen on sex; but it could also be the simple fact that she’s having it with someone else.

Your Girlfriend is Overtly Social

Okay, this may sound too possessive – but when your girlfriend spends way too much time socializing with other people while you’re absent; this could be one of the ways how to tell that she’s cheated on you.

Indeed, if you find her enjoying the company of others over your own; that’s something to be worried about.

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She Doesn’t Respond to You Over The Phone

If we’re talking about a committed girlfriend, then any messages or phone calls from you should be the first thing she responds to.

However, if you call her, and her phone’s busy – but she doesn’t call you right afterward, this could certainly mean that your relationship is in a bad place. In fact, a place bad enough that she might actually be cheating on you with another guy.

She Constantly Stays Late At The Office

You might find yourself asking “Is she cheating on me” if your girlfriend is staying late at the office more than usual.

In that scenario, we recommend you give her the option of picking her up from work. If she refuses, or she doesn’t seem thrilled about the idea – use a phone tracking app to see her precise GPS location in after-work hours. If she’s not going home – you know what’s up.

She’s Only With You For The Money

Of course, there are plenty of situations where your girlfriend might truly be in love with you, even if you’re better off financially than her. However, on the other hand – she could be spending time with you solely for the cash.

And if her financial needs keep piling up, don’t get fooled by the sob stories she puts out, or her false sweetness.

If she’s asking you for more and more cash on an increasingly regular basis – you should think about whether she’s cheating on you, and staying in the relationship with you solely for financial gain.

Her Texts Are Brief

Naturally, every relationship has that honeymoon phase in the beginning; when you’re constantly talking on the phone and texting. However, even when you start being less constantly in contact – there is still a thin line that needs to be walked.

In other words, if you find that she’s constantly giving you short, template answers in texts – this means that she could be cheating on you. If she’s also texting another guy at the same time, her attention could be divided.

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She’s Not Available For Long Periods Of Time

In good, stable relationships – people usually know where their partner is all the time, and what they’re doing as well. But if you’re wondering how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you – think about how often you really know what she’s up to.

Indeed, if she just switches off all lines of communication for huge periods of time, and then comes up with lame excuses later on – it’s time to do some snooping in order to find out what she was really doing.

If you hack her phone using a service like Spyier, you’ll be able to know about all the people she was actually talking to and seeing.

She Dodges Calls While You’re There

So, you want to know how to tell if she has cheated on you. If you’re suspecting that she’s in an ongoing affair with another guy; here’s one of the classic, telltale signs. Is she dodging calls from others in front of you?

Let’s be honest – a truly honest, loyal girl wouldn’t ignore or hide any conversations with others from you. With that in mind, why is she choosing not to talk to someone in front of you? That alone is enough to raise a couple of eyebrows.

Way Too Many Male Friends

We’ll get this straight right away – we don’t expect anyone’s girlfriend to have no male friends. After all, this is 2021; women and men can have relations that are no more than a casual friendship.

However, bear in mind – if your girl has too many male friends that she’s close to, she might develop attractions for some of them. With that in mind, be careful not to fall into the trap of being too open-minded and trusting with the wrong kind of girl.

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She Makes Sudden Changes In Appearance

Okay, obviously – girls tend to take care of their appearance much more than men. In most cases, they’re far more aware of how they look.

And when your girl changes her haircut or the color of her hair; it doesn’t have to mean anything’s wrong – nor should she ask your permission to do it!

However, be aware of the pace at which she’s changing her looks. If she’s doing it suddenly, this may stem from a bigger need to make changes in her life. Unfortunately, these changes could include her choice of partners too – so keep a close eye on her behavior.

She Constantly Talks About An Ex

When you enter into a new relationship with someone, you want them to be fully committed to you. And if your girlfriend was in another relationship before that; it doesn’t necessarily mean that she hasn’t quite let go of her previous boyfriend.

Keeping that in mind, though – if she constantly talks about her ex to you, this could be a sign that she longs for his company. And if it goes on too long, it could also mean that she’s cheating on you with him.

The same goes for constant mentioning of a male friend; if she’s too ecstatic about someone in her group of friends, this could be a sign of deep-rooted affection.

She Puts A Password On Her Phone

Many of us put passwords on our phones, as well as additional security like face recognition or a fingerprint scanner.

However, if your girlfriend hasn’t had security on her phone up until recently, and then sets it up – this is cause for concern. Just what is she now engaged in on her phone, that she doesn’t want you to see?

We don’t recommend getting all uppity about this right away; however, if you have additional reasons for suspicion, you should think about using a phone tracking solution to learn about her online activities and whereabouts.

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She’s Always In A Hurry To Leave

There’s no clearer sign that your girlfriend no longer enjoys your company, than the fact that she’s constantly finding reasons to leave in a hurry. Sure, there are times when she’s genuinely busy, and that’s fine.

But if she’s in a hurry all the time, face it – there could be someone else in the picture. You’re simply no longer a priority for her, and that’s definitely a huge problem.

She’s Distracted

When you’re in a truly loving relationship, your girlfriend will definitely be as attentive as possible when she’s with you. However, if she barely seems to listen or look at you these days; you’re definitely in a jam.

Do you also find that she’s not actively listening to what you have to say? In that case – consider finding out more concretely if she’s cheating on you.

She Doesn’t Invite You Out With Other Friends

A stable relationship means that you’re a couple – which naturally has a lot of social consequences of its own.

Namely, the fact that when one of you is invited to a social gathering; in most cases, this will mean that you both go. But if you notice that she’s not inviting you out with her friends to parties or just for drinks; this is a definite alarm bell!

She Talks About The Future Differently

Obviously, after a certain amount of time has passed in a relationship – you start planning your future together, if everything is going well. And in many situations, you may find that where you were once “we” in the future, now she’s referring only to herself.

If that happens, it’s quite possible that she’s already moved onto dating someone else, and she just hasn’t broken up with you yet.

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She Gets Annoyed Easily

At some point in your relationship with a girl, she’ll go out somewhere without you – and you’ll want to know where she’s going. If she’s annoyed at any questions, that means one thing; she’s lying, and she’s ashamed about it.

She’s Nervous All The Time

Random questions aside, if you notice that your girlfriend is edgy and nervous all the time – that’s probably because she’s dying to tell you something, but doesn’t want to hurt you. And that may very well be the fact that she’s started seeing someone else!

She’s Online After Saying Good Night

Seeing as we’ve reached the last of the ways you can know your girlfriend is cheating on you; fittingly this is the most certain one. If your girlfriend seems distant as you’re texting, and wants to go to bed, that’s perfectly understandable.

But if you say “good night” to each other and she supposedly goes to bed; you may find that she simply stays online after that, and texts someone else.

In that case, you have to face the facts; while she’s “tired” for you (and probably of you), she’s quite ready to keep texting with someone else. This could be a definite sign that she is cheating on you.


At the end of the day, every girl has her own quirks and behaviors, and no-one knows your girlfriend better than you. Because of that, there’s no-one who can recognize the signs that she’s cheating on you better than yourself.

However, keeping that in mind – we’ve done our best to provide you with some general things you should keep an eye out for.